ACE package

This package takes raw screenings from the screen launder flow and washes, separates the faecal matter and compacts the remaining screenings as a clean dry product ready for disposal.

Using the ACE package means the screenings are cleaner, has less odour and less volume – up to 95% volume reduction of wet screenings in some cases.

The modular design of our equipment allows it to be integrated into any site layout so you don’t have to compromise on existing operational dynamics.

A typical ACE package includes a distribution tank, macerator, lisep and lipactor but we’ll work with you to discuss what suits you best.

Haigh ACE Band Screen unit shown in situ
Haigh ACE package with distribution tank
Haigh ACE inlet package

ACE inlet package

For packaged inlet works we recommend the ACE inlet package.  This brings together the most efficient screening, conditioning and dewatering equipment in one integrated inlet.

You benefit from the complete unit being installed and pre-tested ready for a single delivery to site. This minimises the amount of site work required.

Like any of our packages, we’ll design the layout around you so that the prefabricated inlet package can simply be cut into existing pipelines.

A typical ACE inlet package includes a ACE screener and an automated stone and grit trap but we’ll work with you to discuss what suits you best.

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