Maintenance management

When you receive your Haigh macerator, you’ll be provided with an operating and maintenance manual which outlines daily, monthly and quarterly checks. We’ll also train your estates and facilities team on fault finding and how to fix minor issues.

A bit like your car, we recommend a full service every 12 months to ensure your macerator works efficiently, has the latest software updates and has its wear and tear parts replaced before they fail. Remember if your macerator breaks down, your patients will still need to use bedpans!

You’ll find macerator maintenance videos on our YouTube channel, training resources and manuals on our resources page or you can contact our technical team for advice.

Haigh cares

Our experience proves you're 26% less likely to suffer a breakdown with an effective preventative maintenance plan. Don't risk your macerator being out of action. Talk to us on how we can help you maintain your assets.

Contact our technical team for advice
Image of engineer assembling a macerator
Image of engineer assembling a macerator
Image of engineering working on a macerator