Medical pulp and macerators to control HCAIs

Medical pulp products (such as bedpans, wash bowls, jugs and urine dishes) are a significant factor in the prevention and control of HCAIs. The framework with the NHS Supply Chain recommends pulp for efficiency for patients and storage, reliability and, critically, to minimise the risk of cross infection.

Pulp maceration experts for the NHS

When the NHS Supply Chain wanted to set the standard on their framework for medical pulp maceration they turned to Haigh’s experts.

Pulp products were tested in accordance with PAS29:1999.  Read the report about independent medical pulp testing

Not only will we guarantee to macerate any pulp that complies with British Standard PAS29: Disposable Pulp Products, we’ve improved our maceration technique to measure the pulp particle size so that the Quattro won’t let anything larger than 5mm enter the drain:

Controlled discharge and aero-jet powered Premium Flow means no blocked drains.

Using pulp products in waste disposal macerators