Point of care waste disposal

It’s helping prevent cross infection in the care industry as this compact machine can be placed at the point of care in patient’s bathrooms and hospital isolation rooms. More time can be spent on patient care instead of carrying human waste to a sluice room or washing out commode pots.

Unlike other single-piece pulp macerators, SOLO can dispose of macerator friendly wipes and it’s compact enough to fit into the snuggest of places – it’s 21% smaller than its nearest rival.

Protects against the dangers you can’t see

Biomaster silver antimicrobial technology is incorporated into the external surface for lifetime protection of the machine. This is teamed with TECcare CONTROL to kill all related HCAI pathogens inside the machine for the ultimate in infection control for patients and staff.

  • Item Capability

    1 Item
  • Opening

    Manual open and close
  • Night Mode

  • Location

    Sluice / Utility RoomWard / Bathroom
  • Enhanced Aerojet

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Placing single disposable medical pulp in the Haigh SOLO macerator

The SOLO has meant we can dispose of used bedpans and urine bottles quickly and efficiently; this has saved us time cleaning which means we have more time to spend with residents, whilst at the same time infection control has improved. We love it and wouldn’t be without it! It’s easy to use, we’ve never had a problem with it.

Sue Curry, Acorns Children’s Hospice

The reduction in cross infection is key for us and the superb levels of support that Haigh offer far outweighed a previous supplier.  I have seen direct cost savings with the new maceration technology and expect to have full pay back on my investment within a couple of years.  Odour control, patient comfort and user experience all combine to make Haigh the obvious decision.

Jupiter Care