Out of the sluice room and into patient areas

Solo dB is the latest addition to the Haigh Quattro range of macerators.  It carries all of Quattro’s key strengths of being the most reliable, ergonomic, smallest and fastest macerator but with enhanced features exclusively for point of care use.

At just over 50dB this new version of Solo is over 10dB quieter than your typical macerator making it nuisance-free for 24 hour use.  It’s why it’s been awarded the Quiet Mark award.

It quickly disposes of one item at a time so perfect for placing directly into the ward or an en-suite enabling you to toilet your patient without leaving the room.

But don’t worry it’s packed with features to make it suitable for siting in a public place:

  • Five levels of safety for patients and staff
  • The most hygienic macerator
  • Saves on efficiency, mess and space
  • The quietest macerator on the market.

We’re so confident of its performance, we provide a three year warranty.

  • Item Capability

    1 Item
  • Opening

    Hands-free open and close
  • Night Mode

  • Location

    Ward / Bathroom
Quiet Mark logo has been awarded to Solo dB as the first quiet macerator in the hospital sector

In a ward where noise from the macerator is an issue, night mode will make it more likely for ward staff to use throughout the night

St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds