Reliability is everything with a pulp macerator

Superior reliability and the lowest lifetime cost comes as standard with the Quattro Vanguard. It boasts superfine maceration and controlled discharge so that nothing larger than 5mm enters the drain. Plus with an additional ten cycles per hour, it’s the fastest pulp waste macerator on the market.

It has clean contemporary looks with smooth surfaces that can be easily wiped down and are protected by Biomaster silver antimicrobial technology for lifetime protection of the machine.

Its ergonomic design matches the ideal loading height and being compact means it fits into the smallest of sluice rooms.

This entry level model is ideal for high use areas as it disposes of up to four disposable medical pulp items per cycle.  The wide lid is opened by foot pedal (ideal for avoiding spillages as you don’t use your hands) and is closed by hand.  It then starts automatically.  We’re so confident of its performance, if you’re based in the UK we provide you with a three year standard warranty.

  • Item Capability

    4 Items
  • Opening

    Hands-free open and manual close
  • Night Mode

  • Location

    Sluice / Utility Room
  • Enhanced Aerojet

Disposing of pulp bedpan in hospital sluice room
Using pulp products in waste disposal macerators

We could reach all external areas of the macerator to clean it properly. It’s easier than the previous macerator which was bulky and too large for the size of the sluice room.

NHS Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

Haigh’s three year warranty gives peace of mind and an added benefit to the service contract we have with Haigh.  It shows they are confident in their ability which is reassuring.

Barts Health NHS Trust

It is good to know that a Haigh macerator can handle any type of pulp bought by the Trust.

NHS St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds