Take a fresh look at pulp maceration

Quattro Excel has clean contemporary looks and is the ultimate macerator for flagship hospitals. It quickly and quietly disposes of pulp products – such as bedpans, urinals and wash bowls – in under two minutes.

It is ergonomically designed and compact so fits into the smallest of spaces. Unlike other macerators it brings you unparalleled maceration so you can be guaranteed that nothing larger than 5mm enters the drain. The finest pulp confetti is transported through your drain by aerojet to prevent blockages followed by TECCare CONTROL so it kills bacteria as it flows.

A recent CQC report shows 40% of patients have concerns about noise levels in hospitals. That’s why we created a macerator that is twice as quiet

We are all too aware of the importance of healthcare environments to aid the recovery of patients which is why noise was central to our high performance macerator.

We improved the design but went a step further to introduce night mode. At only 54dB (that’s 6dB quieter – or twice as quiet – than the average macerator) you can keep ensure human waste disposal continues all day and through the night.

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  • Item Capability

    4 Items
  • Opening

    Hands-free open and close
  • Night Mode

  • Location

    Sluice / Utility Room
  • Enhanced Aerojet

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Haigh Quattro Vanguard Excel - side view with lid open

Ultimate infection protection inside and out

Reduce cross infections with a machine which opens and closes completely hands-free and starts automatically.

Biomaster silver antimicrobial technology is incorporated into the easily wipe-down external surfaces for lifetime protection of the machine.

This is teamed with TECcare CONTROL to kill all HCAI air and surface pathogens inside the machine for ultimate infection control for patients and staff.

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