Obsolescence and how it affects you

Our healthcare macerators should last you in excess of ten years and we aim to support discontinued models for as long as practically possible. We keep stocks of spare parts for machines at least ten years post last-date-of-manufacture but strongly recommend you acquire supplies to hold yourself.

You should also look at the planned replacement of machines nearing obsolescence rather than risk breakdowns or an urgent need to replace.

Helping you plan for the future

We provide a free site survey to report on the condition of your macerators to ensure they meet the fundamental standards of quality and safety, as well as assess their overall performance and efficiency. By using a simple Red Amber Green (RAG) scoring mechanism you can instantly see where attention may be required.

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Serial number prefix Last date manufactured # of years since last manufacture Obsolescence status

Sluicemaster Four

E 1998 20 Obsolete
Sluicemaster Four Electronic ES 2000 18


Sluicemaster Classic 98

SPT 2007 11 Obsolete
Sluicemaster E SME 2006 12

Continued support until 2019

Sluicemaster Classic 06 SMC



Continued support until 2024

Panaway 1084



Continued support until 2026

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Book a free site survey to assess the performance and efficiency of your healthcare macerators

Book a site survey
Image showing the evolution of the macerator