Classic+ is the workhorse of the NHS and hospitals overseas. This no frills waste disposal unit disposes of up to four pulp products in under two minutes, whilst only using 24 litres of cold water.

This robust macerator easily fits into sluice room benching and delivers outstanding performance to ensure disposable products are finely macerated into a fine slurry.

Operation is simple and so is maintenance; it has a front and top access for all components plus its control panel self-diagnosis’s any faults.

Classic+ has a wipe clean exterior which is protected by Biomaster antimicrobial technology. Biomaster is incorporated into the external surface of the macerator to ensure antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the machine.

  • Item Capability

    4 Items
  • Opening

    Manual open and close
  • Night Mode

  • Location

    Sluice / Utility Room
  • Enhanced Aerojet

Haigh Classic+ pulp Sluicemaster macerator for hospitals
Haigh Classic+ Sluicemaster - medical waste disposal solution for hospitals

Convenient, quick, easy to use and hygienic.  Cross infection between residents is kept under control.

Hill House Nursing Home

This system, compared to our previous one, is so much more hygienic, cleaner and so much more efficient; we feel we are now in the 21st century!

Fieldhead Park Nursing Home

Your engineer is very professional in his outlook and gets the job right on the first visit. He is very personable in his approach and deals well with our ward managers.

Countess of Chester NHS Hospital

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