We’ve done our best to make our website as accessible as possible by adhering sensibly and practically to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) produced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C, the web’s governing body).

This is a set of checkpoints to ensure that websites are designed and written properly. For example:

  • Images have alternative text (so if you can’t see the image you can still understand what it contains)
  • Colour contrast between foreground and background is sufficiently strong
  • Text resizes according to user preference
  • Headings are correctly used (rather than ordinary text made to look big and bold)
  • Tables are used for laying out tabular information and have relevant headings)
  • Visual presentation is defined in ‘style sheets’ and is not embedded in the pages.

If you have difficulty in using this website you can contact us for help or try the following:

Text resizing

Modern browsers feature in-built accessibility tools so you can try changing the text size or adjusting the page zoom in your browser by following these instructions:

  • PC / all browsers.  To increase page zoom – hold down the CTRL key and press +.  To decrease page zoom – hold down the CTRL key and press 
  • Mac / all browsers.   To increase page zoom – hold down the Command key and press +.  To decrease page zoom – hold down the Command key and press 

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