The growing problem of noise pollution

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that noise pollution is now second only to air pollution as the worlds largest killer pollutant.Β  Quiet Mark strives for quieter technology and noise reduction solutions in our homes and workplaces to support our health and well-being.

The Quiet Mark Award Programme

This international programme encourages companies to prioritise noise reduction in the design of everyday machines.

Through scientific testing and assessment, Quiet Mark identifies and awards the quietest products in a given category.

The first Quiet Mark awarded product in the hospital sector

Haigh has always striven to design pulp macerators that outperform customer expectations.Β  Over the last few years, our engineers have worked tirelessly on reducing the operating noise of our macerators to that the nursing staff that use them, can do so 24/7 without disturbing patients’ sleep.

Our latest macerator ‘Solo dB‘ is designed for point of care use and it was absolutely key that it was fit for purpose in a patient environment.Β  This new generation of healthcare maceration performs at just over 52dB which given that the average macerator performs at between 60 – 65dB is an amazing sound reduction.

We’re extremely proud to have the first macerator awarded the Quiet Mark.

Quiet Mark logo has been awarded to Solo dB as the first quiet macerator in the hospital sector
Photo of Haigh Quattro waste disposal unit
Photo of a quiet hospital ward at night