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Static Systems

Haigh has invested its technology into the Design & Innovation Centre (D&IC) which is the creation of specialist provider of healthcare alarm and communication solutions, Static Systems Group.

The D&IC is a multi-bed bay and a live example of the ProCure22 repeatable room design. This four-bed bay replicates one of the Government-led designs that aims to reduce costs, improve efficiency and patient outcomes through a standard and repeatable design.

The en-suite bathroom features the compact Haigh Quattro macerator which disposes of pulp products (such as bedpans, washbowls and jugs) at the point of care. Critically the macerator is twice as quiet as other macerators and is quieter than the average night-time hospital noise.

Not only does the bay show visitors how a busy ward would function but it also serves to enhance training and showcase innovation, design and new concepts. It has attracted architects, healthcare planners, nursing and medical professional bodies as well being the location for a ‘champion’s day’ for PSCPs and IHEEM events.

There has been immense support from industry leaders to endorse the facility, and Static Systems envisage this will help bring the industry together and drive continuous improvement in accordance with NHS building guidance and standards.

Find out more about Static Systems and the new concept ward

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Herefordshire & Worcestershire Group Training Association

Our association with HWGTA spans over 50 years as one of the founding partners. They carry out workplace competence and qualifications, and we source all our apprentices through them.
If you speak to anyone in our team involved in the apprenticeship programme you’ll find them to be passionate about the impact it has on themselves, their team, in the business and the wider community.
Our partnership with HWGTA means our team benefit from their expert staff and facilities which in turns makes our employees skilled and motivated to transform Haigh into a world class business.

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Biomaster silver ion technology is an antimicrobial additive incorporated into the external surface of all our macerators used in the healthcare sector. It offers surface protection to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Haigh work closely with Addmaster, who supply the Biomaster product, to understand the greatest risks in healthcare and respond by breaking the chain of infection to minimise exposure pathways.

It’s only through a collaborative approach of sharing information and networking with other key players across the industry that we can improve hygiene performance.

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