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Made in Britain logo marqueMade in Britain logo marque

With our rich heritage it’s only fitting that we partner with a universally-recognised symbol to help our customers identify where our products originate from. That’s why our association with Made in Britain is a natural fit that underpins our own values of promoting the home-grown manufacturing industry.

The Made in Britain marque is synonymous with quality and a mark of distinction for our global customers in both healthcare and wastewater. Haigh is the only manufacturer that designs, manufactures and assembles macerators at a single UK factory using its own specialised teams using the highest quality materials.  We’ve pioneered maceration technology for over 60 years and continue to push technology forward as part of our continuous improvement programme.

With an established British customer base and rapidly expanding international customer base,  we believe it’s important to reinforce the UK’s reputation for quality products and services.  It’s ultimately these qualities which gives us a unique selling point and the competitive edge.

About Made in Britain

Made in Britain aims to bring together the entire manufacturing community in Britain with the use of collective marque.  It unites the entire manufacturing sector to help consumers, buyers and specifiers identify what products are made in Britain.  It adheres to advice on country of origin labelling included in the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 so only businesses that sell goods that have been manufactured or have undergone a final substantial change in Britain before sale can be members.

Find out more about Made in Britain and look out for the logo on our packaging.

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